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Why Do Americans Idolize the Super Rich? 




It’s often said these days, that if you think America has problems, of decline, of blindness and folly and self-inflicted ruin, that you must hate the rich. No, I don’t hate the rich. I think that I pity them.



Here’s a little secret. I grew up among the super rich. Not the American super rich — that’s the minor league in comparison. I mean the genuinely global mega-rich. People so bizarrely, gruesomely rich they’d have towering Italian palazzos shipped over tile by tile, painstakingly rebuilt by hand, put behind gleaming gates, surrounded by opulent gardens, and guarded by little armies. I don’t say that to boast, because it didn’t happen by my design — but only through a quirk of fate. My grandfather and father were courted by them, the super rich who grew that wealthy by siphoning off the wealth of the countries my forefathers were trying to protect.



And so as I grew up, many of their kids became my friends. We’d play, innocently, as kids do, unbothered by the fact that I was just a relative pauper, and they were ulta rich. But as we grew up, I observed something strange. Which seemed to happen so predictably, I started to put a countdown timer on it. These kids hated themselves — deeply and badly. Their parents treated them like little obxts, trophies, prizes. The families were like corporations, not human tribes, full of warmth and laughter. Mom and dad couldn’t bear each other. Nobody had a job — but everyone was busy, every day, forever, battling everyone else over that pile of money. Nobody seemed to have any inner sense of meaning, worth, or purpose.



That can true of everyone, of rich and poor — but this was different. Predictable, chronic, systemic, implosive, soul-destroying. I could set my watch to it. Families would blow up. Kids would turn into despairing addicts. Marriages would blow up after months. Grandkids would be disowned. Sibling would be pitted against sibling. Entire families, and lives, would come apart at the seams. In the middle of all this — throbbing, pulsing wounds of grief, rage, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and emptiness. And still, despite all that, that they’d cling to their money like a security blanket, even as it cost them everything that should have mattered more. It was the only thing they seemed to know, understand, or appreciate.

每个人都可能是这样,无论贫富——但他们不同,是可预见的,慢性的,系统性的,内爆性的,摧毁灵魂的,我可以把表调到一个时间,时间一到—— 这个家庭会被炸毁,孩子会变成绝望的瘾君子,婚姻会在几个月后破裂,孙子会被抛弃,兄弟姐妹会隔阂对立,整个家庭和生活分崩离析:悲伤、愤怒、焦虑、沮丧、孤独和空虚的悸动、搏动的创伤——即使如此,他们还是会紧紧抓住他们的钱,就像一条安全绳,即使它让他们失去了一切,失去本应更重要的东西,钱,是他们唯一知道、理解或欣赏的东西。

Getting seriously rich, I soon learned, had a very, very steep price. All the things which really mattered in life: human bonds, a sense of meaning, a higher purpose, and even a sense of inherent self-worth. Which is why I never bothered to worry about it. Now, I don’t mean to give you a preachers’ homily. But I do want to point out that in this life, from what I’ve seen, you can’t have it all. You have wealth, or you can have worthiness — but can you have both? To answer that is also to answer the question: should we hate, vilify, or scorn the rich?

我很快意识到,越来越富的代价非常、非常高昂,所有生活中真正重要的东西都会失去: 人际关系、意义感、更高的目标,甚至是内在的自我价值感,这就是为什么我从来不担心这个问题,我并不是要给你说教或者布道,我想指出的是,在我这一生中,从我所看到的来看,你不可能拥有一切—— 你可以拥有财富,也可以拥有价值,但你能同时拥有两者吗?

回答这个问题也就是回答另外一个问题 : 我们应该憎恨、诋毁或蔑视富人吗 ? 

Now, it’s obvious to say that a poor person probably isn’t going to be very happy. Let’s dispense therefore with the idea that I’m saying “wealth bad so poverty good!” Far from it. I’m suggesting that maybe there’s an optimal point of wealth for human beings to have — and beyond that, the moral, social, and emotional costs of riches far outweigh the benefits, which are nonexistent to begin with, because you can’t spend that much anyways, nor can you take it with you. But we don’t think about this in America, do we? We lionize wealth — it symbolizes all our deepest value: selfishness, greed, individualism, superiority. And yet that can only be because we are fragile, feeling little and inferior, deep inside. I’ll come back to all that.

很明显,一个穷人可能不会很快乐,因此,让我们打消说 "财富不好,贫穷好!"的想法,事实远不是这么简单,我认为也许人类的财富有一个最佳点,超过了这个点,财富带来的道德、社会和情感成本远远超过了其本来就不存在的利益,因为你无论如何也花不了那么多钱,也带不走,但在美国,我们不考虑这些,不是吗?我们将财富狮子化,我们崇拜财富——它象征着我们所有最深层的价值:自私、贪婪、个人主义、优越感,然而这只能是因为我们内心深处脆弱,感到渺小和自卑——这些我们以后再谈。

You need science, probably. Very well. As people get richer, they lose their empathy, wisdom, compassion, and so forth. Whatever positive attribute it is that you want to study, it seems that the more wealth you amass, the less of it you will have. But we shouldn’t need science to tell us this. Aeschylus told us this story millennia ago — and so did Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, and Sartre.


One of the truest differences between Europe and America is also an almost invisible one. In America, the rich are lionized, adulated, and worshipped. There’s something like a bizarro aristocracy of the oligarchs, and Americans curtsy and bow politely, like servile things, before a rich person. Before Donald Trump was President, a nation admired him — weirdly — as a kind of modern-day hero. Americans, weirdly, unique among nations, equate wealth with all the great virtues: intelligence, courage, sophistication, wisdom, creativity, compassion. If you’re rich, you must be as smart as Stephen Hawking, as spiritually advanced as the Dalai Lama, and as wise as Aristotle. They have really bought into the myth that a wealthy person is a better person. Is that true?


在唐纳德特朗普当总统之前,这个国家崇拜他,奇怪地把他视为某种现代英雄,美国人怪异地在各国中独树一帜,把财富等同于所有伟大的美德:聪明、勇气、老练、智慧、创造力、同情心,如果你很富有,你一定像斯蒂芬 · 霍金一样聪明,像亚里士多德一样智慧,他们真的相信富人是更好的人这个神话,但这是真的吗? 

But in Europe, to be rich carries with it a faint whiff of distaste, of derision, of scorn. Americans think they prize humility — but it’s European prime ministers who cycle to work. Which is better for a society? Let me answer that backwards.

Imagine I gave you ten million dollars. If you were smart, you’d buy a little villa in France, retire, never check the internet again, and tend to your puppies, grandkids, and garden. But — and here’s the problem and the key — this never seems to happen. I’ve known many, many rich people. And the moment that they have ten million, something odd seems to happen. It needs to turn into a hundred. And the moment it turns into a hundred, it needs to turn into a billion.




In other words, as we get rich, a great and fatal moral perversion seems to occur. Virtue seems to become vice. Something snaps deep down in the human soul. Greed, avarice, covetousness, pride, cruelty — all of these seem to replace humility, gentleness, kindness, wisdom, and truth. You don’t have to look very far to see it. Why is Jeff Bezos shooting rockets into space instead of funding college for every kid in America? Why are the American mega-rich building something like a theofascist kleptocracy instead of funding school and healthcare for every child on the planet?



“Why should the rich help anyone else?!” you cry. The answer is very simple. What we really are after through riches — through anything at all — is moral sentiments. Happiness is the experience of one’s own moral goodness. Meaning is the experience that one is a moral significance to others. Fulfillment is the realization of one’s moral possibilities. Do you see how that works? Can money buy you these things?

“富人凭什么一定要帮助别人? !”你哭喊着,答案很简单,我们通过财富——通过任何方式——真正追求的是道德情操,幸福是一个人对自己道德善良的体验,意义是一个人对他人具有道德意义的体验,履行是一个人道德可能性的实现,你明白是怎么一回事了吗?钱能买到这些东西吗?

You need a sense that your life has really counted. “This person has given me something! They educated me, they taught me, they encouraged me, they lifted me up when I had fallen!” Now you have a sense of meaning. But it has come only through moral significance — that you have really cultivated a life that is not your own, and thus, what you have done has mattered.


" 这些人给了我一些东西! 他们教育了我,教导了我,鼓励了我,他们在我跌倒的时候把我扶了起来! "—— 现在你有了一种意义感,但只有通过道德意义,你才真正培养了你自己的生活,因此,你所做的一切才真有意义。

Now we can answer the question, can’t we? Indeed, the mega-rich should be doing things with their lives that carry great and enduring moral weight. But they are not. That’s because getting rich has cost them something priceless: their moral consciences. Hence, happiness, meaning, and fulfillment seem to elude them. That’s why the ten million has to turn into a hundred, and then a billion. It’s why you never see someone living out the fantasy of retiring to that villa in France when they’ve made a few million.



What happens instead? Because they’ve lost their moral bearings, virtue has become vice. Avarice, greed, cruelty, selfishness. All these things are soon turned on the very people that they love. Wives are discarded, husbands thrown away. Kids are treated like either little princes or paupers. And worst of all, no inherent sense of self-worth, has ever developed, because the illusion has been created that money can gave it to you.

会发生什么呢? 因为他们失去了道德观念,美德变成了邪恶,贪念、贪婪、,残忍,自私,这一切很快就会发生在他们所爱的人身上。妻子被抛弃,丈夫被抛弃,孩子们不是被当作小王子就是被当作乞丐,最糟糕的是,人们从来没有产生过内在的自我价值感,因为人们创造了一种错觉,认为金钱可以把它给你。

A person with a sense of inherent self worth knows this much. Money cannot give you what only morality can. You cannot buy happiness, meaning, and fulfillment. You must earn them, with actions which carry human weight. Those which lift up lives. The reward for the actor is the experience of moral goodness, moral significance, and moral growth, which we call happiness, meaning, and fulfillment.


But if you have been living all along under the delusion that the hole in your soul, that inherent lack of self-worth, self-coherence, selfhood, can be filled up with money and obxts — and you make ten million — that ten will have to grow, grow, grow — and still you will never be filled up inside. You need to feel big because you feel little. But the little part of you needs only to grow into something beautiful and true, all the more so because it is delicate — not something all-powerful and possessing.

但是,如果你一直生活在一种错觉之下,认为你灵魂中的那个洞,那种内在的自我价值、自我凝聚、自我身份的缺失,可以用金钱和物品来填补—— 你赚了一千万,那一千万就要增长、增长、增长——那你的内心还是永远不会被填满。


Remember Americans and Europeans? Americans have internalized the values of capitalism — greed, selfishness, and so on. But they are not rich, and they will never be rich. These values serve only as kind of false self, where a true one should be. So they’re left in a haze: is greed good? Or is it bad? Is using people OK? Or is it wrong? Capitalism has cheated them of a sense of intrinsic self-worth — which also means you can answer the questions above. They think that you’re not a worthy person unless you’re wealthy. But they don’t really know that the opposite isn’t true. You can be as wealthy as Croesus, and still never think of yourself as worthy.


Europe is more successful precisely because by scorning the rich, it has made getting rich something not to proud of, to be a little ashamed of. It is not a substitute for living a genuinely worthy life, whether one of action, of letters, of ideas, or of discovery. It is barely a life at all, many Europeans would probably tell you, to get rich. Hence, wealth itself is something which is met with derision and scorn. Very different norms emerged — Americans idolize riches, and Europeans disdain them.

But that norm made Europe a much healthier and happier place, too. It meant that Europeans invested in each other, with great public goods, instead of devoted their lives to the futile goal of individual riches. It made Europe a place with less distance between the rich and the middle, so that distrust never grew as sharply as in America. And it made Europe a more humane and fulfilling place, too — because the capitalist values of greed, cruelty, domination, and selfishness were never accepted as decent and sensible things to devote a life to.



So. I don’t hate the rich. But I don’t worship them, like Americans do, either. “What book is Bill Gates recommending?! LOL, what? A rich man who is only a rich man is no smarter than a poor man — in the ways that count, he is all the more a fool. Because he doesn’t seem to know that wealth has its own price — one’s moral conscience. No one escapes the price they must pay time and death, and great wealth, which is only ever an expression of greed and egotism, is a futile search for grandiosity and omnipotence where life, in all its fragility and delicacy should be. It corrodes the character of the bearer, and leaves a hole where a self might have been. A poor man might be a wretch — but a rich man who has never become anything more is a moral fool.


比尔 · 盖茨推荐什么书? !LOL,富人只是富有,并不比穷人聪明——从某种意义上说,富人更像一个傻瓜,因为他似乎不知道财富是有自己的代价的:道德良知,没有人能够逃脱必须付出时间和死亡的代价,巨大的财富,永远只是贪婪和利己主义的表现,是对宏大和全能的徒劳的追求,而生命,尽管脆弱,但精致,财富腐蚀了承载者的品格,并在自我可能存在的地方留下了一个空洞。


I pity the rich — because I’ve seen happy people, and I’ve seen rich people, but I’ve never seen both. But the same is true for societies, too. Rich societies who don’t set norms and values to laugh at, belittle, due, and scorn the very pursuit of wealth, so they can aspire to higher and better things, soon become just like those rich families I grew up among. Places destroyed from the inside, by their egotism and appetites.


And should you doubt me, take a good, long, hard look at America — the richest nation history ever saw, by a very long way. But also something like the most inhumane, unhappy, lonely, desperate, meaningless, empty, atomized, and nihilistic. And yet also the most greedy, proud, avaricious, selfish, usurious, gluttonous, and wrathful. Wealth costs you, my friends. It costs you your better self. And America is history’s truest example yet.


朋友们,财富会让你们付出代价,它让你失去了更好的自我—— 美国就是历史上最真实的例子。


Renee Parrinello

Is it because Europe endured two devastating world wars that were created by rich aristocrats?


Chris Harris

Very probably!


John Williams

I am inclined to express how much I detest the super rich but it would be construed as envy. Anyhow, their assets must be redistributed in any conceivable manner.


Chrissie Powers

Me too. I detest them and pity them, just like author said. They have nothing left to dream about, nothing left to live for. Excessive wealth is as dangerous to the soul as is poverty.


Brian Meadows

I’m suggesting that maybe there’s an optimal point of wealth for human beings to have — and beyond that, the moral, social, and emotional costs of riches far outweigh the benefits, whic...

Actually a study done some years ago bears that out: once a family has enough to be reasonably comfortable, is protected from medical catastrophe, can educate the children and maybe go on OK vacations twice a year, the satisfaction more money gives drops like a rock down a cliff!

I don't know whether you've read this article to which I'm providing a lix but if you haven't, I think you'll find it most helpful!



我不知道你是否读过这篇文章,如果你没看过,我给个链接,我想你会发现它很有帮助 ! 

Call me what you’d like

People have been idolizing kings, queens and nobleman long before America even existed, so while i agree with some of what has been said about the folly of being rich, to make this is an American thing is pure nonsense.


Vernon Nickerson

America is so massively and openly intoxicated now because of the idea of “super/ uber wealth. They merely have to see the “ images” of luxurious things to surrender even co templation/ reflection or reading others different points of view. Yet to be fully heard and seen can over time in unconditionally loving communities awaken them from their drunkenness and forgetfulness of themselves amd others.

美国现在是如此大规模和公开地陶醉于“超级富有”的想法,他们只需看到奢华的 "图像",就会投降,甚至放弃共同模板/反思或了解他人的不同观点,然而,随着时间的推移,在无条件的爱的社会中被充分听到和看到,可以唤醒他们从沉醉和对自己和他人的遗忘中醒来。

Scott S. Bateman

I don't know why you think Americans idolize the super rich. I haven't met anyone in my entire life who thinks that way. Quite the opposite.


joan anthony

Go to Facebook and post something true but negative about Bill Gates. You will receive a massive dogpile. You will be called envious. Told that you don't give what he does to charity (and questioning the real nature of his charity will just be proof of your envy) and that you are too stupid to understand his genius.

You will receive the same even if you comment about someone as obviously odious as Bezos or Musk.

去脸书上发点关于比尔盖茨的真实但负面的东西,大批的狗仔就过来骂你,骂你嫉妒,骂你不像他那样捐款给慈善事业(质疑他慈善事业的真实性只会证明你的羡慕 ),骂你太蠢,不懂他的天才。


Janay Wright

Thank you so much for your insightful commentary. You are so right. The U.S. has internalized the values of capitalism and the results have been disastrous.



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["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0425/1619319401221.jpg" ["description"]=> string(271) "4月22到23日,美国将主办一个领导人气候峰会,大家不见面,以视频开会,一共有40个国家领导人参加。为了邀请中国来参加这个会议,4月14日深夜,拜登的气候特使克里来到上海,见到了老熟人解振华...。" ["time"]=> int(1619319422) } [8]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348181) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "邓成 董睿:构建全球维护和平与发展统一战线" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0425/1619317035493.jpg" ["description"]=> string(333) "百年未有之大变局下,世界进入动荡变革期,大国围绕遏制与反遏制、围剿与反围剿的斗争日趋激烈,“大争之世”初露端倪,不稳定性不确定性急剧增加,单边主义、保护主义、霸权主义对世界和平与发展构成严重威胁,亟需各国联合协作应对挑战。" ["time"]=> int(1619317044) } [9]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348180) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "政委灿荣:插手台湾问题 日本是自信过头了!" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0425/1619316795262.jpg" ["description"]=> string(197) "美国总统拜登和日本首相菅义伟当地时间16日在华盛顿举行会晤。在会晤后,日美领导人在一份联合声明中提及了“台湾海峡和平与稳定的重要性”。" ["time"]=> int(1619316835) } [10]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348170) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "王毅:中美一方成功不意味另外一方必须失败" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0425/1619311757314.jpg" ["description"]=> string(126) "美东时间周五上午,中国国务委员兼外交部长王毅同美国对外关系委员会(CFR)举行视频交流。" ["time"]=> int(1619311787) } [11]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348169) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(51) "基辛格:人民交往是中美关系重要组成" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0425/1619311378382.jpg" ["description"]=> string(284) "在当前美中两国围绕某些重要问题上存在分歧之时,这事件(“乒乓外交”)也代表了我们许多人对于未来的一份期待,那就是美中两国人民能够基于两国在世界格局和世界经济中的重要性,在彼此之间达成一种谅解。" ["time"]=> int(1619311381) } [12]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348132) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(49) "郑永年:台湾海峡没有现状 是动态的" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0424/1619223609346.jpg" ["description"]=> string(319) "全球与当代中国高等研究院院长郑永年在博鳌亚洲论坛2021年年会上回答中评社提问时表示,台湾海峡没有现状,台湾问题本身是一个动态的过程。台湾是中国的核心利益,统一的方式可以考虑,但是没有独立的方式,独立就肯定意味着战争。" ["time"]=> int(1619223613) } [13]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348153) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(54) "德国学者认为:欧盟抹黑中国很傻很天真" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(39) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0424/1619238656340.jpg" ["description"]=> string(230) "德国柏林自由大学政治学家贝特霍尔德·库恩在德国“中国平台”网站4月20日发表的一篇文章中表示,不能认为制裁将带来改善欧中关系,从而创造对中国施加影响力的机会。" ["time"]=> int(1619238661) } [14]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348062) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(48) "吴大辉:美俄关系跨入“黑障时刻”" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0422/1619056925243.jpg" ["description"]=> string(255) "近期,美欧国家对俄罗斯的政治打压与经济制裁愈演愈烈。其中,由美国挑起的西方世界与俄罗斯互相驱逐外交官事件的不断发酵,让世人感受到了冷战时期东西方大规模外交官驱逐战的气息。" ["time"]=> int(1619056928) } [15]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348145) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "胡锡进:印度医疗体系崩溃 死去的大多是穷人" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0424/1619233815302.jpg" ["description"]=> string(330) "印度的确在发生非常恐怖的事情,那个国家的医疗体系不是正在崩溃,而是已经崩溃。很多医院已经没有供重症新冠病人使用的氧气,新德里大法官周三深夜愤怒地要求莫迪“你去乞求,去借,去偷,去进口(氧气)”,以挽救那些正在死去的生命。" ["time"]=> int(1619233826) } [16]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348135) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(54) "司马南:巴基斯坦爆炸案,最新细节曝光" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0424/1619224410953.jpg" ["description"]=> string(130) "今天是2021年4月23日星期五,昨天巴基斯坦发生爆炸案。爆炸案导致死亡人数达五人,伤残十二人。" ["time"]=> int(1619225703) } [17]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348144) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "牛弹琴:印度疫情肆虐 中国发出最友善的信号" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0424/1619233663579.jpg" ["description"]=> string(273) "4月23日的外交部记者会,发言人赵立坚表示:中方对印度国内近期疫情形势恶化表示诚挚慰问。中国政府和人民坚定支持印度政府和人民抗击疫情,愿根据印方需求提供支持与帮助,正就此同印方保持沟通。" ["time"]=> int(1619233679) } [18]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348140) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "王毅:美国还未找到与中国打交道的正确路径" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(39) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0424/1619229063839.jpg" ["description"]=> string(389) "2021年4月23日晚,国务委员兼外长王毅在北京同美国对外关系委员会进行视频交流。2021年4月23日晚,国务委员兼外长王毅在北京同美国对外关系委员会进行视频交流。王毅表示,美国新政府对华政策还没有摆脱上届政府的阴影,还没有走出对华认知的误区,还没有找到与中国打交道的正确路径。" ["time"]=> int(1619229069) } [19]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348134) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(58) "菅义伟表态不军事介入台湾问题 是进二退一" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0424/1619224061884.jpg" ["description"]=> string(216) "日本首相菅义伟日前在国会回答在野党询问时表示,围绕台湾问题,希望当事双方通过直接对话和平解决是日本的一贯立场。他称日本并未预设军事介入台湾问题。" ["time"]=> int(1619224101) } [20]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348131) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "杨承达:美日中交战就是世界大战?不可能" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0424/1619223327496.jpg" ["description"]=> string(300) "杨承达表示,很难想像假定美国跟中国发生武力冲突,日本会介入去帮美国,让中国把日本当作敌国,这可能是另外一次的世界大战了,或中日仇恨再度加深,永远没完没了。这状况看来不可能发生,因这不是日本的核心利益。" ["time"]=> int(1619223384) } [21]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348127) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "【国际锐评】企图给中国添堵?澳方低劣可笑" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(0) "" ["description"]=> string(347) "澳大利亚外长21日宣布撕毁中方同澳大利亚维多利亚州政府签订的“一带一路”备忘录和框架协议,理由是“不符合澳大利亚的外交政策或不利于我们的外交关系”。这是澳一些政客自己在给自己加戏,企图给中国添堵,向美国“大哥”献媚,借此捞取政治资本。" ["time"]=> int(1619179809) } [22]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348126) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "乌鸦校尉:印度恒河,史上最强病毒培养皿" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0423/1619179599132.jpg" ["description"]=> string(258) "印度各个城市的大街小巷里,都堆满了尸体。放眼整条恒河,都已经被尸体塞满,不光是恒河,印度各地的所有河流都被死尸给堵塞,在长时间的浸泡下,这些尸体已经被泡发,开始发烂、发臭。" ["time"]=> int(1619179610) } [23]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348118) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "张文木:乌克兰事件的意义及对中国的警示" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0423/1619170848404.jpg" ["description"]=> string(378) "乌克兰危机及克里米亚并归俄罗斯,这两起事件意味着一个新的地区性体制的定型,这是什么体制呢?我们不妨称之为“新凡尔赛体制”。有人会说:凡尔赛体制不是已经成为历史了吗?如果我们将今天的欧洲地图与第二次世界大战前的欧洲地图作一比较,不难发现二者有惊人的一致。" ["time"]=> int(1619170863) } [24]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348113) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "何伟文:美国主导的小圈子秩序不是全球秩序" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0423/1619153022190.jpg" ["description"]=> string(300) "长期以来,美国根本不承认联合国宪章第一项、也就是最根本的各会员国主权平等原则,它无底线地干涉完全属于中国领土、主权和内政的涉台、涉港、涉疆、涉藏事务。它在台海炫耀武力,在涉港、涉疆问题上大肆捏造事实。" ["time"]=> int(1619153027) } [25]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348112) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(51) "邱敦红:世界大变局将颠覆传统话语权" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0423/1619152390245.jpg" ["description"]=> string(237) "当今世界经济全球化、政治多极化、社会信息化、文明多样化深入发展,国际格局加速演变调整。如此前所未有的大变局,已经超越人们以往的认知,也必然触及到传统话语体系。" ["time"]=> int(1619152402) } [26]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348109) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "梅德韦杰夫:俄美关系实质上已重回冷战时代" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0423/1619148305123.jpg" ["description"]=> string(207) "俄罗斯联邦安全会议副主席梅德韦杰夫在给俄新社的一篇文章中称,近年来俄美关系实质上已重回冷战时代,制裁和冲突对抗导致了世界“永久的不稳定”。" ["time"]=> int(1619148317) } [27]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348091) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(62) "周小川:不用还中国债务 就能更好应对疫情?" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0422/1619098734347.jpg" ["description"]=> string(375) "在4月19日举行的博鳌亚洲论坛“可持续融资助力高质量共建‘一带一路’圆桌会”上,博鳌亚洲论坛副理事长、中国人民银行前行长周小川认为,对“一带一路”沿线项目的评估,不能充满政治化甚至阴谋论式解读,而是要真正找到有针对性的解决思路,形成一种可持续发展的局面。" ["time"]=> int(1619098737) } [28]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348089) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "冯绍雷:中俄不结盟和不封顶 两种说法不对立" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0422/1619098119527.jpg" ["description"]=> string(354) "从唇枪舌剑到经济制裁,从支持俄罗斯国内反对派到干预前苏联地区局势,美国近期频频对俄罗斯出手,两国关系再陷僵局。俄美关系已经降到冰点,可转圜的空间很小。同时,双方都把视线转向中国,美国认为中国才是真正的对手,俄罗斯则在中美关系上立场坚定。" ["time"]=> int(1619098144) } [29]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1348090) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "宋鲁郑:欧美都在打新疆牌,有什么区别?" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2021/0422/1619098437999.jpg" ["description"]=> string(144) "现在的欧美,最大的挑战是持续了一年多还未结束、已经而且继续造成巨大人员伤亡和经济损失的新冠疫情。" ["time"]=> int(1619098471) } }


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