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How would earth look like without humans? 

译文简介:quora网友:如果没有人类意味着除了大约300万年前的南方古猿以外没有任何东西,那么就任何人所知,没有语言、没有农业、没有文字、没有文明、没有工业化、没有技术。 只不过是另一种动物,数量只有几千只,对海洋、水域和空气的影响不会超过所有生物对各自栖息地的影响......


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Caio França

1 day - Energy stations will run out of fuel and most of the solar panels will be covered in dust, so lights around the world begin to shut off. Cities illuminated by Hydroelectric power such as Seattle, Vancouver, Johannesburg and Las Vegas will be the last to stay with the lights on.

第1天-能源站将耗尽燃料,大多数太阳能电池板将覆盖灰尘,所以世界各地的灯开始关闭。 西雅图、温哥华、约翰内斯堡和拉斯维加斯等被水力发电照亮的城市将是最后一批亮灯的城市。

2 days - Most nuclear power plants will shut down and enter an automatic safe mode to avert a possible meltdown. Subway systems will be flooded because their drainage system will stop working.

第2天-大多数核电站将关闭并进入自动安全模式,以避免可能发生的熔毁。 地铁系统将被淹没,因为他们的排水系统将停止工作。

10 days - pets locked indoors, farm animals and zoo animals will die of starvation, those that somehow get to escape will start to look for food and eventually become wild animals, small dog breeds won''t survive in the wild, meanwhile, most of the food supply in supermarkets and in our homes will be rotted and domestic pests such as rats and cockroaches will thrive.



50 years - most of the remaining metal will be corroded, steel cables of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge will have been weakened and the structures threaten to collapse, wood structures will already be collapsing as they are attacked by termite infestations.


100 years - Most books will have been eaten away by molds and most paintings and works of art will have deteriorated along with the museums where they are kept.


200 years - Many of man''s greatest structures such as the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building and the Tower bridge will be collapsing.


1000 years - Nature has re-established itself and nearly all evidence of modern civilization will have vanished. The stone structures will be the last to survive, the Great wall of China, the Old pre-colombian cities in Mexico, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the Mount Rushmore will age like mountains, the Pyramid of Gize will remain too, but will be swallowed up by the Sahara desert''s sand. These structures may survive to be seen by the next intelligent species to rule the world.

1000年前——大自然重建了自己,几乎所有现代文明的证据都将消失。 这些石头建筑将是最后幸存下来的东西,如中国的长城,墨西哥的古代哥伦比亚城市,柬埔寨的吴哥窟和 Mount Rushmore 将像山脉一样老去,金字塔也将保留下来,但将被撒哈拉沙漠的沙子吞没。 这些结构可能会存活下来,被下一个统治世界的智慧物种看到。

Mahima Maheshwari

Short answer: Clean and Green

简短的回答: 清洁和绿色

Long answer: Humans are the only species who instead of adapting themselves to the surrounding conditions have changed the surrounding conditions according to their comfort. Instead of these concrete jungles real jungles will decorate the face of Earth.

长话短说: 人类是唯一一种不适应周围环境,而是根据自己的舒适程度改变周围环境的物种。 真正的丛林将装饰地球的表面,来取代这些混凝土丛林。

All animals that we have poached and killed for food or money will revive. They will not only survive but will also thrive. They will continue living according to laws of nature.

所有我们为了食物或金钱而猎杀的动物都会复活。 他们不仅会生存下来,而且还会茁壮成长。他们将继续按照自然法则生活。

There will be no wars, no nuclear explosions, no random fires. in short, no man-made calamities. We won’t have to cry over the loss of lives just because some people want to live theirs leisurely. No garbage piles, no dirty effluents, no loud noises, no ruthless butchering of animals, no harmful radiations.

不会有战争,不会有核爆炸,不会有随机的火灾。 简而言之,没有人为的灾难。 我们不会仅仅因为一些人想从容地过自己的生活而为失去的生命而哭泣。 没有垃圾堆,没有污水,没有噪音,没有残忍的屠宰动物,没有有害的辐射。

Actually, now that you have brought up the issue I feel this planet is better off without humans. Now I feel like the great Plague, The Nazis, The other natural calamities have done well in keeping a check on the number of humans on the face of Earth. Now I realize why the frequency of natural disasters has increased in the past century. Nature wants us dead. She wants us to leave her alone and I think she is justified.

事实上,既然你提出了这个问题,我觉得这个星球没有人类会更好。 现在我自己觉得,像大瘟疫,纳粹,其他自然灾害在控制地球表面的人口数量方面做得很好。 现在我意识到为什么自然灾害的频率在过去的一个世纪里增加了。大自然想要我们死,她想让我们离她远点,我认为她是有道理的。


Luke Drace

A whole lot greener.


Fairly recently the world at large has been experiencing a process called desertification. This is a direct result of the changing climate and results in the death of foliage and deterioration of soil in the areas surrounding a desert, thereby expanding the desert.

最近,整个世界经历了一个被称为沙漠化的过程。 这是气候变化的直接结果,导致沙漠周围地区的树木死亡和土壤退化,从而扩大了沙漠。

People often talk about the potential rising of sea levels as a result of climate change, but desertification is happening now and is far more destructive. According to the UN, drylands are home to roughly 2 billion people. Most affected are those in Africa, who have lost an estimated 650 thousand square kilometers of farmland to the Sahel, and 6 thousand to the Sahara. This is also happening in the US, with Death Valley expanding at least 50 square kilometers and this has also hit China and Central Asia especially hard as a result of the removal of bamboo forests across the region.

人们经常谈论气候变化可能导致海平面上升,但荒漠化正在发生,其破坏性要大得多。 据联合国统计,干旱地区约有20亿人口。 受影响最严重的是那些在非洲的人,他们估计有65万平方公里的农田流失到了Sahel,6千平方公里流失到了撒哈拉沙漠。 这也发生在美国,死亡谷扩大至少50平方公里,这也打击了中国和中亚,特别是由于整个地区的树林被砍伐。

Mahesh Salve

Really it would be a better place. Green and wet. No concrete creatures and no factory domes. Air would be a fresh and well perfumed. Sky would be clear and delightful. Land would be more fertile and more glareous. More forests and more waterfalls.. everything is beautiful and very please to species that remain on earth. Also animals have a food and water in adequate amount.

真的,那会是一个更好的地方。又湿又绿,没有混凝土,也没有工厂圆顶。 空气将是一个新鲜和香甜的香水味。天空将是晴朗和令人愉快的。 土地将更加肥沃,更加光彩夺目。更多的森林和更多的瀑布。 . 一切都是美丽的,对地球上的物种来说都是非常愉悦的。动物也有足够的食物和水。

I dont mean that human being is failed to do their duties on earth and save the nature. Indeed they are very pragmatize in field of science and technology but the ratio of limited natural sources to the population of human beings and their advanced development is very inverse. So in results, this is today in our front and our earth is sick.

我的意思并不是说人类没有尽到他们在地球上的责任,没有拯救自然。 事实上,他们在科学和技术领域非常务实,但有限的自然资源占人口的比例与其发展的比例恰恰相反。所以在结果上,就是今天的局面在我们的前面,我们的地球是病态的。

But here is still time. Nothing but hope is last longer. The rivers would again run clear. The forest be abundant and beautiful. Just we need to know that, they are the also part of this nature. We are born here and die here, but its our duty to do that making this place more better. for our upcoming generations and for those natural creatures.

但这还有时间,只有希望才能持久。 河水再次变得清澈,森林丰富而美丽。 只是我们需要知道,他们也是这种本性的一部分。 我们生在这里,死在这里,但我们有责任让这个地方变得更好。 为了我们的后代,为了那些自然生物。

Dominic D''Maestro

Much the same as it is now, except a bit greener, less pollution.The changes and impact human''s have made on Earth effect humanity more than it effects Earth itself.Remember, Earth has existed billions of years before humans first walked upon it.Humans need Earth and it''s unique environment and resources to survive and thrive as the have done for 100,000’s of years.However, EARTH DOES NOT NEED HUMANS to exist and should be more considerate of their use of it''s environment and resources.


Looking at humans from a wide view it would seem they are on a mission to destroy their own ability to survive as a semiconscious effort to commit an intentional gradual suicide of the whole species out of their own arrogance, ignorance and denial of things they are aware of that can be easily resolved if they chose to collectively.


But one of the main failings of humanity is to work together collectively in doing anything.


Many advanced civilizations in the Universe have found a balance between individuality and working together in community on common goals for the common good of their survival and environment, where ego and greed do not exist in their nature.


These civilizations have advanced and evolved more quickly than humans antagonist present day civilizations.So the answer to your question is Earth will be Earth with or without humans.The question should be do humans want to continue being humans?Because the known answer is they will become self-extinct over time as they are now.


Svilen Fal

If no humans means nothing past Australopithecus some 3 million years ago, then as far as anyone can tell, no language, no agriculture, no writing, no civilization, no industrialization, no technology. Simply just another animal and only numbering in the thousands, and not impacting the surface, water and air to any extent beyond the ways that all organisms impact their respective habitats. The surface of Earth would mostly still covered in trees. None of the cities, farms, factories, roads; none of the land clearing. No cars, trucks, buses, ships, airplanes.

如果没有人类意味着除了大约300万年前的南方古猿以外没有任何东西,那么就任何人所知,没有语言、没有农业、没有文字、没有文明、没有工业化、没有技术。 只不过是另一种动物,数量只有几千只,对海洋、水域和空气的影响不会超过所有生物对各自栖息地的影响。地球表面大部分仍然覆盖着树木。 没有城市、农场、工厂、道路,没有一片空地。没有小汽车、卡车、公共汽车、轮船、飞机。

It’s not possible to know what not having humans around for the last 3 or so million years would be like exactly, given the presence of them. Yet without billions of or industrialized ones, there wouldn’t likely be much impact. Take world populations of humans in 1000 BCE (50 million) 1000 CE (400 million) 1600 CE (580 million). The non-technological agriculture that supported going from 50 to 580 million humans over 2,600 years would have a minimal amount of impact upon the way the environment changed over the period, should they have not existed. Even with them existing, if we otherwise lacked billions, and the widespread use of fossil fuels and the increasing changes to the land that occurred during the 1700s and 1800s, and grew considerably in the 1900s.

考虑到人类的存在,我们不可能知道在过去的300万年里没有人类会是什么样子。 然而,如果没有数十亿或工业化的经济体,可能不会有太大的影响。 以公元前1000年(5000万人口)公元前1000年(4亿人口)公元前1600年(5亿8千万人口)的世界人口为例。 2600年间可养活的人口从5000万增加到5.8亿的非技术性农业,如果这种技术不存在的话,对这一时期环境变化的方式所产生的影响微乎其微。 即使它们已经存在,如果我们缺乏数十亿美元,以及化石燃料的广泛使用和18世纪土地的日益变化,以及19世纪的大幅增长。


Many vegetation will grow on buildings of Isfahan . Some poor construted building in tehran & mumbra will start falling one after another within 9–10 years . Islambad road will start forming cracks & grass will grow between cracks.

许多植物将生长在伊斯法罕的建筑物上。 德黑兰和孟买的一些质量差的建筑将在9-10年内开始一座接一座地倒塌。伊斯法罕道路将开始出现裂缝,裂缝之间会长出草。

Animals will move to delhi & beijing for residing as pollution will start decreasing . The dog will sleep on road of Haikou city without fear of being killed in accident . Lion will roam allover india . As years pass number carnivores & herbivores animal will increase .

随着污染开始减少,动物将迁移到德里和北京居住。 这只狗会睡在海口的路上,不用担心会死于交通事故。狮子将在印度四处游荡。 随着时间的推移,食肉动物和草食动物的数量将会增加。

Once again pure water rivers will start flowing in India . Number of trees will gradually grow from 3.5 trillion to 5 trillion within 20 years . The temperature on earth will cooling . Return paper documents will start decaying . Plastic will remain as it is for many years in sea & land .

纯净水河流将再次开始在印度流动。在20年内,树木的数量将从3.5万亿逐渐增长到5万亿。 地球上的温度将会降低。回收纸张文件将开始减少,塑料将在海洋和陆地上保持多年的状态。

King Cobra & Red-tailed will be residing in Wisma 46 & Raffles Jakarta . After some years carbon dioxide level will start decreasing . Dams of Ataturk will break in 50 -70 years and water will start flowing through Syria & Iraq in form of rivers . These will leads more tree growth in Syria & Iraq . It will become greener in 70 -80 years .

眼镜王蛇和Red-tailed将居住在Wisma 46 & Raffles Jakarta。 若干年后,二氧化碳水平将开始下降。 阿塔图尔克大坝将在50-70年后决堤,水将以河流的形式流经叙利亚和伊拉克。 这将导致更多的树木生长在叙利亚和伊拉克。它将在70-80年后变得更绿。

In Africa huge trees will grow on agriculture lands making greener . More animals will grow & migrate to Africa . Rainfall will increase in Africa . Tunnels in Afghanistan will become resting place for snakes . Within 100 years half building of India , Pakistan will fall . All statue in India will disappear within 30–40 years . More trees mean there will be more fruit for animals to eat .

在非洲,高大的树木将生长在农业用地上,使其更加绿化。 更多的动物将会生长并迁移到非洲。非洲的降雨量将会增加。 阿富汗的隧道将成为蛇的栖息地。在100年内,半数的印度和巴基斯坦的建设将陷落。 印度所有的雕像将在30-40年内消失。更多的树意味着有更多的水果供动物食用。

Much more water will be there for animals . Elephant of India will travel to Africa crushing borders of countries . Some animals will die due to mines planted between borders but animals will adapt & sense danger after some years . Number of elephant in Africa will increase from few million to crores within 100–200 years . Number of lions will increase as increase in number of herbivores animals .

更多的水将被用来喂养动物。印度大象将前往非洲,冲破个国家的边界。 一些动物会因为在边界之间埋设地雷而死亡,但是动物会在几年后适应并感觉到危险。 在100-200年内,非洲的大象数量将从几百万增加到亿。 随着食草动物数量的增加,狮子的数量也会增加。

Number of birds will increase . Number of tigers will increase as they will eat fresh meat of deer & roam in whole Madhya pradesh freely without being caught . After 100 years every place will become green on earth . Herbivores animals will eat from agriculture plants for many years . After 200 -300 years all dams , buildings will fall in asian countries .

鸟类的数量将会增加。老虎的数量将会增加,因为他们将会吃新鲜的鹿肉,并且在整个 Madhya 自由漫步而不被捕获。100年后,地球上的每个地方都会变成绿色。 食草动物多年以农作物为食。 在200-300年之后,亚洲国家的所有大坝和建筑物都将倒塌。

Number of fish will increase in sea & lakes . Sewages will get overflow to Arabian sea . As earth become cooler more ice will start forming on mountain of Jammu & Kashmir . After 500 years 40 % evidence of human existed on earth will perished . Plastic will take some more years to perish completely . Whole iron things made by human will start rusting & perished within 200 - 300 years .

海洋和湖泊的鱼类数量将会增加。海水将溢出到阿拉伯海。 随着地球变得越来越冷,查谟和克什米尔山上将开始结冰。500年后,地球上40% 的人类存在的证据将会消失。塑料要完全消失还需要几年的时间。 由人类制造的整个铁器将在200-300年内开始生锈并腐烂。

After some million years carbon emitted by human will end in atmosphere . ( So arable land on earth is 148,000,000 km² . So in 1 sq km 1,00,000 tree can grow . Plant take 20 years to grow full . So in 148,000,000 sq km ×1,00,000 tree grow = 14,800,000,000,000 trees will grow to full in just 20 years ) . So just in 20 years tree number will increase to 14.8 trillion on earth . With increase in number of trees oxygen level will increase in atmosphere .

人类排放的二氧化碳经过几百万年后将进入大气层。 地球上的可耕地面积是148,000,000平方公里。 因此,在1平方公里的土地上,可以生长10万棵树。 植物需要20年才能长得饱满。 因此,在148,000,000平方公里的土地上,100,000棵树将在短短20年内长到14.8万亿棵。 因此,在20年内,地球上的树木数量将增加到14.8万亿棵。 随着树木数量的增加,大气中的氧气含量也会增加。

"Everywhere will prevail peace on earth & it will become paradise ".


Rakeshan Saravanan

With no humans :The night sky will be filled with lots and lots of twinkling stars, much more than we can see now from our cities due to absence of light pollution. The milkyway Galaxy will be visible as a band of concentrated stars. The air will get much more cleaner, in the sense that suspended particles will reduce because of reduced ic engines. All the threatened species won''t be threatened anymore. Green cover will substantially increase. The oceans will get polluted no more. All the carbon dioxide being pumped out due to burning of fossil fuels will vanish, slowing down climate change(at least theoretically). No wars, no guns, no bombs, no nuclear fallouts, no terrorism, no armies, no…., You get the idea right. No religions, no festivals, no rituals. Simply put nothing negative happens to earth, it will continue to support the rest of life without a hitch.

没有人类:夜空将会充满许许多多闪烁的星星,由于没有光污染,比我们现在从城市中看到的要多得多,这个温和的星系可以看作是一条聚集的恒星带,空气会变得更清洁,因为内燃机减少,悬浮颗粒会减少,所有现在受到威胁的物种将不再受到威胁,绿化覆盖面将大幅增加,海洋将不再受到污染,因燃烧化石燃料而排出的二氧化碳将全部消失,减缓气候变化(至少在理论上如此),没有战争,没有枪支,没有炸弹,没有核爆炸,没有恐怖主义,没有军队,没有... ... ,你的想法是对的,没有宗教,没有节日,没有仪式,简单地说没有什么负面的事情发生在地球上,它将继续毫无障碍地支撑余下的生命。


We know that 65 million years ago all the dinosaurs went extinct with the exception of the ancestors of birds. Mammals had been around for millions of years during at least the latter part of the 150 million year reign of the dinosaurs, but only existing as small burrowing forms.

我们知道6500万年前除了鸟类的祖先以外,所有的恐龙都灭绝了。 哺乳动物至少在恐龙统治的1.5亿年的后期已经存在了数百万年,但只以小型穴居动物的形式存在。

So, we can conclude that if the dinosaurs had not gone extinct, mammals would probably still be small burrowing forms. Or, at most, small arboreal forms finding safety in trees. Those early mammals could be unleashed only in the absence of dinosaurs and once that occurred, the rise of Man was inevitable.

因此,我们可以得出这样的结论: 如果恐龙没有灭绝,哺乳动物很可能仍然是小型的穴居动物。 或者,最多也就是在树上找到安全地方的小树栖动物。 这些早期哺乳动物只有在恐龙消失的情况下才能被释放出来,一旦这种情况发生,人类的崛起就不可避免了。

So, what would we see today if that huge asteroid had not smashed into the Yucatan? We would probably see an Earth dominated by an extremely wide diversity of dinosaurians every bit as diverse as we see in the mammals. And, at the very top?

那么,如果那颗巨大的小行星没有撞击尤卡坦半岛,我们今天会看到什么呢? 我们可能会看到一个由极其广泛的多样性的恐龙主宰的地球,就像我们在哺乳动物身上看到的那样。那么,在最顶端呢?

Pooja Vallam

Humans have sent many animals to their extinction whether it be global warming, hunting, or even occupation on land. If humans didn''t exist, there would be the most unexpected animals roaming around in the most unexpected places -including North and South America- where not much life lingers today. It''s not only land animals that would favor our absense, acuatic life would live its life to the fullest. Oceans wouldn''t be exposed to pollution and the fish population would increase exponentially. However, humans have also given rise to domestic animals such as dogs and cats, and without humans domestic life would not survive.

无论是全球变暖、狩猎,还是陆地上的占领,人类已经使许多动物濒临灭绝,如果人类不存在,那么最意想不到的动物就会出现在最意想不到的地方——包括北美和南美——那里现在已经没有多少生命存在了。不仅仅是陆地动物喜欢我们简单的生活,真实的生活会过得很充实。 海洋不会受到污染,鱼类数量也会呈指数增长。 然而,人类也产生了家养动物,如狗和猫,没有人类家庭生活它们将无法生存

Anonymous 匿名

Not very different from what it looks like right now. Human influence is often exaggerated, as we only have the capacity to do significant alterations/damage for the last 100 years and we didn’t do anything significant yet, aside a few artificial lakes and isles. From outer space the only thing pointing to our existence are the glowing hubs of lighted cities at night.And this might sound cynical, but even compared to our influence on the climate and pollution of our environment, the greatest changers of Earths face are plants. Look at the vast forests covering Earth! Plants are also responsible for a few major extinctions, as they poisoned the oceans with oxygen and painted the red sulfide, methane skies blue.

和现在看起来没什么不同。 人类的影响往往被夸大,因为我们只有能力在过去100年里做出重大的改变 / 破坏,除了一些人工湖泊和小岛,我们还没有做任何重大的事情。 从外太空唯一指向我们存在的东西就是夜晚灯火辉煌的城市中心。这听起来可能有点讽刺,但即使与我们对气候和环境污染的影响相比,地球上最大的改变者还是植物。看看覆盖地球的广阔森林! 植物也导致了一些大规模的物种灭绝,因为它们用氧气污染海洋,并把甲烷涂成红色的硫化物和蓝色。

Amit Vyas

Probably the same.Some other species would take up human’s role on earth and do what we are doing today.Humans started evolving so fast and got so smart that we have not let any other species take over us, we have used the resources so much, so fast and so smartly that knowingly or unknowingly we have stopped other species from becoming as smart or smarter than what we are today. So it’s completely possible that the earth would be the same if humans were not there as some other species would have come in and done what we are doing today (or even worse..who knows)

也许是一样的。其他一些物种会接替人类在地球上的角色,做我们今天正在做的事情。人类开始进化得如此之快,如此之聪明,以至于我们没有让任何其他物种取代我们,我们使用资源得如此之多,如此之快,如此之聪明,以至于我们有意或无意地阻止其他物种变得比我们今天更聪明或更聪明。 因此,如果人类不在地球上,地球完全有可能变成现在这个样子,因为其他物种可能会进入地球,做出我们今天所做的事情(甚至更糟糕,谁知道呢)

Ahmet Yilmaz

The world has an amazing system. Now let us think there is no human on earth. Make a brainstorm now.There are plants are producing oxygen and food for consumers. There are consumers are producing carbondioxide for producers. And most important part of the earth is composers. They are breaking away the dead animal and plants and give some minerals to the earth. And composers and rain clean the world.There was no problem about ozon layer till human are created. Everything was going perfect. Human came on earth and screw up wonderful system.

这个世界有一个神奇的系统。现在让我们认为地球上没有人类。现在做一个头脑风暴。有些植物正在为消费者生产氧气和食物。有些消费者正在为生产者制造二氧化碳。 地球上最重要的部分是作曲家。 他们正在剥离死去的动物和植物,并给大地一些矿物质。 作曲家和雨水清洁着世界。直到人类被创造出来之前,臭氧层是没有问题的。 一切都很完美。人类来到地球,搞砸了这个奇妙的系统。

Al-Amin Nowshad

Earth will regain its youth. At least we are not good for the earth itself. we are destroying this beautiful planet. So, if we are not here, it will be a lot natural place though no one will be there to praise her beauty

地球将重获青春。至少我们对地球本身没有好处。 我们正在摧毁这个美丽的星球。 所以,如果我们不在这里,它将是一个很自然的地方,虽然没有人会在那里赞美她的美丽


Ryan Quinn

It would be a much more rural place. Sprawling urban development would be replaced with vast swaths of vegetation and wildlife. CO2 emissions would decrease considerably, the ozone layer would heal, global warming would slow, and there would be nearly no oil spillage. Within a few millenia it would be as if mankind had never been here, with the exception of a few notable landmarks (i.e. the great pyramids and Mt. Rushmore).

这将是一个更加乡村的地方。 庞大的城市发展将被大片的植被和野生动物所取代。 二氧化碳排放量将大幅减少,臭氧层将得到修复,全球变暖将减缓,而且几乎不会有石油泄漏。 在几千年的时间里,除了一些著名的标志性建筑(如金字塔和 Mt. Rushmore) ,人类似乎从未来过这里。

Don Edwards

The show was boring as hell to me, but if you''re really interested in knowing what happens, you need to watch the show Life After People.


This show is based solely on the question you asked. It focuses on a different part of the city each episode and shows how it will gradually decay over time. The only episode I saw was talking about how domestic animals, like cats and dogs, would survive. It was a really interesting show. I just couldn''t get over the narrators monotoned voice throughout the whole show.

这个节目完全是基于你提出的问题。 每一集都聚焦于城市的不同部分,展示了它是如何随着时间的推移逐渐衰退的。 我看到的唯一一集是关于家畜如何生存的,比如猫和狗。这是一个非常有趣的节目。 在整个节目中,我就是无法克服叙述者单调的声音。

Michael Cataldo

My answer has no basis in fact. Just a guess on my part. However, I’ve often wondered if left to their own devices if other primates would have eventually become better tool users, if only to protect them from one of the predatory feline species, which should/might become the apex predators. Humans have destroyed that ninch for them (both felines and primates) in the environment.

我的回答毫无事实根据。我只是猜测而已。 然而,我经常在想,如果任其自生自灭,其他灵长类动物是否最终会成为更好的工具使用者,哪怕只是为了保护它们免受其中一种掠食性猫科动物的伤害,而这种动物应该/ 可能会成为顶级捕食。人类已经在自然环境中消灭了猫科动物和灵长类动物。

While some other life on the planet, most notably the Delphinidae (dolphins, killer whales) are intelligent without the ability to manipulate their environment they would have a most difficult time changing their environment.

地球上的其他生物,尤其是海豚科(海豚、虎鲸) ,虽然没有操纵环境的能力,但它们却很难改变自己的环境。

Because of this lack, the planet might be healthier.


Alan T Thomas

HUMAN- The creature which dominate every other living being on the context of just a highly evolved BRAIN.Let me call every such organisms in the whole universe who stands on the top of evolution basis as HUMAN (after all it is just a name we made for ourselves).THEN NOTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT if the organisms didn''t evolve this much except the fact that every living being in the universe ENJOY AN EXTENDED LIFETIME.


Rick Almeda

During these past few days when everyone was quarantined inside their homes because of Covid 19, the sky seemed bluer especially in metropolitan areas, the trees seemed greener and were flowering. You could just imagine if all of us were gone- cities would turn back into jungles, the sky would be clean, rivers and lakes would have clear water, and animals would take on over the Earth.

在过去的几天里,每个人都因为 Covid 19而被隔离在家里,天空看起来更蓝了,特别是在大都市地区,树木看起来更绿了,开花了。 你可以想象,如果我们都消失了——城市会重新变成丛林,天空会变得干净,河流和湖泊会有清澈的水,动物会占据整个地球。


A lot more diverse, the oceans would be clean with a booming ecosystem and much more vibrant, all sorts of untouched natural treasures. humans killed off and transformed a lot of nature so we have less of it to appreciate now. but only for a few hundred million years until earth hot enough for the oceans to start evaporating, transforming into a Venus through greenhouse effect because of suns increasing brightness by 1% every 100 million years.

如果海洋变得更加多样化,那么海洋将会变得更加干净,生态系统将会蓬勃发展,各种各样的自然资源将会变得更加生机勃勃。 人类毁灭并改变了大自然,所以我们现在没什么可欣赏的了。 但是只持续了几亿年,直到地球变热到足以让海洋开始蒸发,通过温室效应变成金星,因为太阳每一亿年增加1%的亮度。


Ramesh Raja

If there were no human beings in this world the sea waves still come, wind will come, rain will come , tree will grow, there will be forest, day and night will happen it means there is supernatural or natural power. So natural or supernatural power exist.

如果这个世界上没有人类,海浪还会来,风会来,雨会来,树会生长,还会有森林,白天和黑夜会发生,这意味着有超自然或自然的力量。 因此,自然或超自然的力量存在。


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["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0331/1585646905289.jpg" ["description"]=> string(204) "3月28日,一条新闻吸引了有理哥的目光:曾与 CGTN主持人刘欣隔空辩论中美贸易争端的美国福克斯商业频道(FOX)女主播翠西·里根(Trish Regan)被解约了。" ["time"]=> int(1585647635) } [8]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364290) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(38) "司马南:论“八角婆现象 ” " ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0331/1585649804809.jpg" ["description"]=> string(315) "我们的力量在于说真话,弄清思想,团结同志是绝对必要的。开展积极的思想斗争于当下尤其是必要的,夺回意识形态话语权,至少敢于斗争,善于斗争,肯于坚持,是绝对必要的。八角婆骑在媒体人头上耍横的现象,不能再继续下去了。" ["time"]=> int(1585649848) } [9]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364285) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(54) "王云飞:解放军应前出一二岛链会诊美军" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(38) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0331/1585646663577.jpg" ["description"]=> string(277) "既然美军疑惑解放军的战略判断和行动能力,解放军莫不如明人不做暗事,派出舰艇、战机编队到美军重兵把守的一、二岛链附近巡“诊”问候 ,顺便“交流”一下如何接受美军教训,在疫情中完成使命任务。" ["time"]=> int(1585646669) } [10]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364268) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(57) "美学者警告:特朗普与中国决裂有致命后果" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0331/1585624286987.jpg" ["description"]=> string(329) "美国《大西洋月刊》刊登了一篇纽约城市大学新闻学教授彼得·贝纳特的文章《特朗普与中国决裂有致命后果》,警告美国政府,这场新冠肺炎疫情的教训绝不是美国应该停止与中国的合作,而是美国必须重建被特朗普政府破坏的美中公共卫生合作。" ["time"]=> int(1585624384) } [11]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364267) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "金灿荣:新冠疫情在西方蔓延 凸显他们的傲慢" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0331/1585623707739.jpg" ["description"]=> string(375) "著名国际问题专家,中国人民大学国际关系学院副院长金灿荣在接受深圳卫视记者专访时表示,新冠疫情在西方的蔓延,凸显了欧美在种族、文化和制度三方面的傲慢,也正是这三方面的傲慢,使欧美国家浪费了中国为他们赢得疫情防控的“窗口期”,导致了新冠病毒在西方的肆虐。" ["time"]=> int(1585623739) } [12]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364261) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "不知所言:疫情下的舆论战 兼谈公知双标众相" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0330/1585574591583.jpg" ["description"]=> string(474) "时间进入到新世纪,中国的综合国力已经名列世界前茅,各方面已经与西方相差不大。这使得公知的生存环境急剧恶化,种群数量大量减少,生存方式暴露,很多人已经对这种生物失去了原有的兴趣。吸引力的减少迫使公知不得不创造新的生产工具,以免陷入濒危灭绝的境地,这种生存工具就是世界驰名的“双标”,它是在“夸张”的基础上进一步发展的。" ["time"]=> int(1585574594) } [13]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364259) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(56) "占豪:确诊超10万,特朗普果然打电话了!" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0330/1585574252300.jpg" ["description"]=> string(390) "美国新增确诊每天增加近2万,确诊人数超10万,美国医疗系统到底能承受多大规模的新冠确诊和重症?这是一个非常值得观察的细节,因为一旦超负荷,死亡率就会大幅上升,死亡率的大幅上升会改变白宫对待新冠的态度。现在,特朗普政府还存在侥幸心理,这种侥幸只有事实的打脸才能改变!" ["time"]=> int(1585574278) } [14]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364260) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "伊剑:美国疫情连连飙升,病毒真相浮出水面" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0330/1585574364901.jpg" ["description"]=> string(297) "随着美国内疫情的大爆发,最有说服力的病毒源头证据已经悄然出现在世人面前,这就是美国内失控的疫情。如果不是长时间的酝酿扩散,地广人稀的美国疫情是不会这么严重。而且,疫情重灾区欧洲的病毒也一定源自美国。" ["time"]=> int(1585574394) } [15]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364257) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(48) "美科学家:武汉绝不是新冠病毒源头" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0330/1585573690527.jpg" ["description"]=> string(342) "美国科学家日前进行的一项关于新冠病毒最新研究显示,“武汉绝不是该病毒的源头”。研究称,这种导致全球大流行的病毒并非来自实验室,而是自然产生的。这种病毒的较弱版本已经在人群中传播了数年,甚至几十年。“新冠病毒不是在实验室中构建的”" ["time"]=> int(1585573692) } [16]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364111) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(45) "储贺军:特朗普连任概率依然很大" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0325/1585129532555.jpg" ["description"]=> string(383) "进入3月份之后,美国2020年大选局面乍起波澜。特朗普的竞选对手基本上浮出水面,新冠疫情对于美国社会、经济造成了巨大的冲击。原本气势如虹的美国股市,从“冲三”变成了“保二”,就业和消费都出现了不小的逆转势头和趋势。于是,对特朗普连任的怀疑之声此起彼伏,好生热闹。" ["time"]=> int(1585129805) } [17]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364247) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(59) "美科学家:新冠病毒"较弱版本"已传播数十年" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0330/1585563615958.jpg" ["description"]=> string(140) "杜兰大学医学院教授罗伯特·加里表示,武汉的那个海鲜市场“不是该病毒的源头”,有比那更早的起源。" ["time"]=> int(1585563617) } [18]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364246) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "环评:抗疫,蓬佩奥们至少要留三大历史罪名" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(37) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0330/1585562993395.jpg" ["description"]=> string(315) "中美两国政府谁的抗疫表现更好,谁更应遭到谴责,相信中美两国人民和全球公众的心里都有一杆秤。我们今天就来初步总结一下美国政府的几大严重错误,看看华盛顿是怎样危害了美国人民的健康,又是如何对全球抗疫扮演了负面角色。" ["time"]=> int(1585563055) } [19]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364216) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(61) "盖茨:但凡美国有一丁点儿像样 情况都会好些" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0328/1585389883138.jpg" ["description"]=> string(210) "不得不承认,美国政府因前期决策失误错过了防疫的最佳时间。时不我待,希望美国能够抓住全球合作抗疫的第二个窗口期,立即行动起来,尽快控制住疫情。" ["time"]=> int(1585389938) } [20]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364190) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(42) "申鹏:“美国病毒”,祸害世界" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0327/1585310485820.jpg" ["description"]=> string(363) "“美国病毒”,并不是真正的病毒,而是一种“精神病毒”,是美国傲慢、蛮横、霸权主义、不负责任、撒谎成性、恶毒无耻的一种体现;也是各国“精神美国人”媚外、跪舔、双标、把美国当故乡、亲爹和救世主的一种体现。这“美国病毒”一日不除,世界一日不得安宁!" ["time"]=> int(1585310488) } [21]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364151) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(54) "金灿荣:防疫仍要做好,经济更要恢复!" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0326/1585198201677.png" ["description"]=> string(268) "因为新冠病毒突然出现了,然后形成了很广泛的影响。 现在这个病毒还是一个大问题,我们的防疫还在进行中,它不是完成时,是现在进行时。所以某种意义上讲,我们重中之重是防疫,同时恢复生产。" ["time"]=> int(1585198347) } [22]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1364112) ["icon"]=> string(5) "blank" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(55) "司马南:世界格局改变加速,担心什么? " ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(27) "2020/0325/1585130744374.jpg" ["description"]=> string(195) "意外一场疫情导改世界格局变化,美国领导力确在衰弱,中国的力量正在显现和增强,但还不是忽如一夜春风来千树万树梨花开,而是犹有花技俏。" ["time"]=> int(1585130700) } }


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