美国升起台湾旗帜 网友:谁让台湾没独立

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核心提示:路透社北京1月6日报道 外交部周一说,台湾在华盛顿实际开设的办事处元旦升起了台湾旗帜,中国对此向美国表示抗议,并敦促美国尊重“一个中国”政策。

China fumes after Taiwan's flag raising in Washington

华盛顿升起台湾旗帜 中国发怒

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has protested to the United States after Taiwan's de facto embassy in Washington hoisted a Taiwanese flag on New Year's Day, and urged the United States to respect the "One China" policy, the foreign ministry said on Monday.

路透社北京1月6日报道 外交部周一说,台湾在华盛顿实际开设的办事处元旦升起了台湾旗帜,中国对此向美国表示抗议,并敦促美国尊重“一个中国”政策。

The U.S. State Department said it had not been notified in advance of the ceremony and that it was inconsistent with U.S. policy.


China deems Taiwan a renegade province and hasn't ruled out the use of force to take it back, particularly if the island makes a move toward independence. The One China policy holds that there is only one China and that Taiwan is part of it.


Taiwan's China Post newspaper reported on Saturday that the ceremony in Washington was the first time the Taiwanese flag had been raised in the United States in 36 years since Washington switched recognition from Taiwan to Beijing in 1979.


More than 100 people attended the ceremony on Thursday, including Taiwan's top envoy to the U.S. Shen Lyushun, the China Post said, citing the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Washington.


"We resolutely oppose the so-called flag-raising ceremony by Taiwan's agency in the United States and have lodged solemn representations with the United States," foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a daily news briefing.


Hua called on the United States to abide by the 'One China' policy and "prudently and properly handle" any issues relating to Taiwan to prevent similar incidents from happening again.


U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the United States "did not know about the flag raising in advance.” "No U.S. government personnel attended the event in any capacity," she said.

美国国务院女发言人Jen Psaki说美国“对升旗事先并不知情”。 她说:“美国政府部门没有成员以任何身份参加这次活动。”

The incident is the latest involving Taiwan to roil relations between the United States and China. Beijing lodged a protest with the United States in December after President Barack Obama signed into law legislation authorizing the sale of up to four Perry-class guided missile frigates to Taiwan.


China and Taiwan have been ruled separately since defeated Nationalist forces fled to the island at the end of a civil war with the Communists in 1949. While Taiwan and China have signed a series of landmark trade and economic agreements since 2008, political and military suspicions still run deep, especially in democratic Taiwan where many fear China's true intentions.

自从国民党军队1949年在内战的最后被GCD军队打败并逃到台湾岛之后,中国大陆和台湾就被分别统治。 尽管台湾和中国大陆自从2008年以来签署了一系列重要的经贸协议,但政治和军事方面的怀疑仍然根深蒂固,尤其是在民主的台湾,许多人担忧中国大陆的真实意图。


★Why China so mad about us Taiwanese raising our very own colors in Washington is beyond our comprehension...we have our much cherished freedom unlike the people in China where Communist government controls everything including the lives of her people...that is not freedom.

Taiwan has nothing to be afraid of for the world knows that we are an independent country

in good standing with the global community.

So China, never never question why Taiwan flies her own flag..we are free and our color symbolizes our liberty,pride and happiness !


I can tell you this from having spent time in both countries and having taught students from both countries that they are truly different people. Taiwanese people are good-natured, friendly, democratic, free thinking, fair people. Mainland Chinese people are a completely different breed. The idea of China ruling Taiwan seems backward to me. It would be like letting North Korea rule South Korea. Look what's going on in Hong Kong. What else do you need to say.


china's true intention?

the kmt and chinese know what china's true intentions are. to reunite taiwan with china because they are all chinese. 

it's just being dealt with in a delicate, patient and face saving matter for the kmt and chinese side.

nobody wants to further the pain and brooding of hatred, except the dpp supporters who still are holding onto the past years of chinese 'abandonment' during japanese occupation of taiwan in ww2 and kmt iron fist ruling during their fleeing to taiwan island in the closing days of ww2.

the dpp and their people are truly a brain washed bunch - first by japanese, than by americans.

these lost chinese people blame china, ccp and kmt during a time when the entire existence of the chinese nation was under threat by the japanese and western powers.

and what's more idiotic is, these stupid dpp supporters and lost chinese think the western americans are truly acting in a genuine way when these lost chinese forget that it was the grandparents of these current western thugs of only 1-2 generations ago who tried to conquer and kill off the entire chinese nation through the opium wars, 8 nation alliance and japanese invasion of china ww2.

the question is, do these lost taiwanese dpp supporters know what america and westerner true intentions are?

of course not. an racist american would be just as quick to mock the chinese culture, language, etc without caring if the taiwanese are also using the EXACT same set of things.

so taiwanese dpp supporters, you do know china's intention but you're too proud, egotistic and selfish to understand anything beyond your own lives.

i recommend you to take your business out of china. see how much your business will thrive in america, in japan. see how welcoming they are to your 'chinese' business.

中国的真正意图? 国民党和中国人知道中国的真正意图是什么,统一台湾和中国,因为他们都是中国人。 这对国民党和中国人这边来说,是一件细致、耐心、保全面子的事情。 没有人想继续痛苦下去、酝酿仇恨,除了民进党的支持者,他们还没放下过去,就是中国在二战中日本占领台湾时的“遗弃”、以及国民党在二战结束后逃到台湾进行铁拳统治。 民进党和它的选民们才真的是被洗脑了呢——先被日本人洗脑,后来又被美国人洗脑。 在中国整个国家的生存都受到日本和西方强权的威胁时,这些迷失的中国人谴责中国、中国GCD和国民党。 而且更白痴的是,这些愚蠢的民进党支持者和迷失的中国人认为西方的美国人表现得很真诚。这些迷失的中国人忘了,就是一两辈人之前,鸦片战争、八国联军、日本二战侵略,当下这些西方恶棍的祖父们试图占领、消灭整个中国。 问题是,这些迷失的台湾民主党支持者们到底知道美国和西方人的真实意图吗? 他们当然不知道。美国种族主义者会迅速地去嘲笑中国文化、语言等等,不在乎台湾人是不是也在用完全一样的一套体系。 所以台湾的民主党支持者们,你们知道中国的意图,但你们太骄傲、自我主义、自私了,所以你们无法理解超出你们自己生活的任何东西。 我建议你们把你们的生意退出中国,看看你们的生意在美国、日本能多兴隆,看看他们对你们“中国”生意有多欢迎。

If Taiwan wants independence, it is very simple, just declare formal independence and see what you get instead. If Taiwan has guts, it would have been an independent country by now. When Chiang Kai Sheik was around from 1950 to 1976 he ruled Taiwan with an iron fist. After his death Taiwan became a democracy and with that it has supposedly earned the right to be an independent country. Why is there still no declaration of independence for the last 39 years since Chiang Kai Sheik's death? It is very obvious Taiwan is scared stiff of China and Uncle Sham is in no mood to want to go to war with a nuclear-armed China. The last war Uncle Sham won was WW2. He ran away with his tail between his legs in Vietnam. He abandoned Iraq and recently slipped away quietly from Afghanistan. 


Taiwan biggest mistake was insisting it was the sole representative of China for so many years and the United States is equally to blame for feeding into that fantasy. If Chang Kai Shek had proclaimed the Republic of Taiwan back in 1949 they could have actually gotten away with it. Even as late as 1971 when the UN gave the China's seat to Beijing they offered Taiwan a seat at the UN, but they refused it. Today they would give anything to be recognize as the Republic of Taiwan..........but it's to late.


what do we do that DOESNT make china , russia , and/or north korea mad?guys need to get over yourselves.


might be able to rule the mindless sheeples over on that side of the world with an iron fist but things are different here.get with the times and stop living in the past century.your country is doomed to fail , its unsustainable and just a matter of time before your people rise up and overthrow your corrupt evil government just like what happened in russia.just wait and see.taiwan is just the beginning.

我们做的事情有哪些不让中国、俄罗斯、朝鲜发疯的呢?管好你们自己吧伙计。 这是美国,自由的土地,勇士的家乡!!!在我们的土地上,人们想TM升什么旗就升什么旗,就克服一下吧,继续你们小气的抗议吧!!! 在世界的那一边,铁拳或许能够统治那些盲目的墙头草,但在这儿可不同。跟上时代,不要活在上个世纪了。你们的国家注定失败,它无法支撑下去,你们的人民起来推翻腐败的邪恶的政府只是时间问题,就好像在俄罗斯发生的那样。就走着瞧吧,台湾只是个开端。

This reminds me of a news story I read about 15 years ago. It was based on a report performed by the US Department of Defense, where it was noted that China's increased military spending would allow it to have 100 nuclear-equipped ICBMs pointed at the US by 2015. It was believed that those would be used as a deterrent to keep the US out of any conflict when China attempts to take Taiwan by force. Given China's actions as of late with Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan, it would seem that they are becoming bolder. If that story from 15 years ago is correct, this may be the year when China makes its move.


China is easily offended.


Congress should pass laws preventing the sale of Alaskan natural gas to China. That is the current plan of the Alaskan oil companies. If the US keeps its natural gas, we would no longer need to import gas from the Scandinavian countries. It seems ludicrous to be importing while planning to export but that's for another day. 

We are currently witnessing what happens when oil producing countries need cash. They glut the market with cheap oil products to raise the cash they need. If China is forced to purchase all of it's imported oil and gas from Russia, the Chinese demand added to the European demand would deplete Russia's reserves much more rapidly.

国会应该通过法案来阻止阿拉斯加向中国出售天然气,这是阿拉斯加石油企业目前的计划。如果美国留着自己的天然气的话,我们就再也不用从斯堪的纳维亚国家进口天然气。一边进口一边计划着出口看起来很可笑,但这是另一个话题了。 我们目前能看到,当石油生产国需要钱的时候都发生了什么。他们让市场供过于求,来赚更多的钱。如果中国被迫购买它从俄罗斯进口的所有油气的话,那么中国的需求加上欧洲的需求,会更快地耗尽俄罗斯的储备。

The US doesn't control Taiwan's Cultural Office. Taiwan does. You have a problem talk to the Taiwanese.



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["time"]=> int(1450946760) } [14]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1297058) ["icon"]=> string(0) "" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(90) "清华博士:台湾是“杀出来的奴才,打出来的顺民,惯出来的孽种”" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(47) "" ["description"]=> string(297) "一直以来,中国政府奉行对台让利政策,对台湾的开放程度远远超过台湾对大陆的开放程度,就已在太阳花运动中被否定的“贸服协定”为例,对大陆的要求几乎全部是高于WTO中的规定,而对台湾却几乎全部是低于WTO的规定。" ["time"]=> int(1450833467) } [15]=> array(11) { ["contentid"]=> int(1297067) ["icon"]=> string(0) "" ["iconsrc"]=> string(0) "" ["title"]=> string(60) "金庸:揭中国人不擅长打仗为何却能赢的真相" ["color"]=> string(0) "" ["url"]=> string(46) "" ["subtitle"]=> string(0) "" ["suburl"]=> string(0) "" ["thumb"]=> string(47) "" ["description"]=> string(243) "现在许多西方学者都认为,地球就这样大了,无止境地追求、扩充,是不可能的,也是不可取的。今後只能接受中国的哲学,要平衡、要和谐,民族与民族之间要相互协作,避免战争。" ["time"]=> int(1450834575) } }


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7特朗普:认输很难 选举人团投拜登就离开白
9日媒:在165个国家 中国北斗令美国GPS相形
11纽约扩大对特朗普的税收欺诈调查 伊万卡牵
12黎智英连线美军高官 担心拜登对华没有特朗
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3央视主播刘欣向拜登致贺词 网友:说得好
9特朗普政府又开展清洗 基辛格等多人被撤职
10纽约女子被推下地铁站台 竟在车下奇迹生还
13孟晚舟庭审日记 精心设计的逮捕计划"无人认
1美国总统大选最后一天 已投票选民人数近1亿
2奥巴马祝贺老搭档拜登当选 呼吁全国团结
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