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BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — In an attempt to secure business ties and increase political influence, China has launched a charm offensive in eastern Europe — where the European Union and Russia are also vying for sway.

美联社塞尔维亚比尔格莱德12月16日电 为了稳固商业纽带、增强政治影响力,中国在东欧开展了一次魅力攻势,欧盟和俄罗斯也正在争夺在该地区的影响力。

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, accompanied by 200 corporate executives, met the leaders of 16 central and eastern European countries Tuesday for a two-day summit being billed in China as an opportunity to deepen ties to the region and boost relations with the EU.


The Asian economic power is interested in energy, infrastructure and other big projects to fuel its economy at a time when labor costs are rising at home, risking crimping its exports, its traditional economic strength. Chinese investors hope to boost their presence in the region where Western companies may be reluctant to take financial risks.


Li said that closer ties would bring massive Chinese investments and open up large Chinese markets for central and eastern European goods. He sought to alleviate fears voiced from some in the EU that China's regional deals could contravene the 28-nation bloc's strict financial and trade rules.


"Everything will be conducted in accordance with the policies that are valid in the European Union," Li said at the opening of the meeting. "China supports the European Union, EU integration processes and a strong euro.”

Li在会议开幕式上说:“一切都会依照欧盟实行的政策来进行。中国支持欧盟,支持欧盟一体化进程,支持欧元的强势。”   The timing of the China summit — the third such in three years — is significant as it comes while Russia, the traditional regional powerbroker, is struggling with deep economic problems partly caused by crippling Western sanctions over Moscow's role in Ukraine.


Only a few weeks ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Moscow is spiking a multibillion-dollar gas pipeline project for southern Europe that was to pass through several east European countries, which was to bring them hundreds of millions of dollars in transit fees.

就在几个星期前,俄罗斯总统普京宣布放弃了一个向欧洲南部输送天然气的管道项目,这条管道原本要经过几个东欧国家,本可以为它们带来几亿美元的过境费。   Putin argued that the EU's opposition to the South Stream pipeline — which would have run under the Black Sea to Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and further on to Europe — meant Russia had no other choice but to scrap it.

普京认为,“南溪”管道项目本来要从海底穿过黑海,到保加利亚、塞尔维亚、匈牙利,并更远地延伸到欧洲,而欧盟对“南溪”管道的反对意味着俄罗斯除了废止这个项目之外别无选择。   The 16 European countries at the summit all share a former communist past. Some, like Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Hungary, are part of the EU. Others, like Serbia and Bosnia, would like to join, but are still influenced by Russia.

峰会上的16个欧洲国家在历史上都曾实行过共产主义。像保加利亚、罗马尼亚、波兰和匈牙利,它们是欧盟的成员国;其他的,像塞尔维亚和波斯尼亚,想要加入欧盟,但仍受到俄罗斯的影响。   "The difference between the Russian and Chinese approach in the region is that Russians are more political, while Chinese are more commercial," said Serbian economy analyst Miroslav Prokopijevic.

塞尔维亚的经济分析师Miroslav Prokopijevic说:“俄罗斯和中国在东欧地区的做法的区别在于,俄罗斯更加政治化,而中国更加商业化。”   Unlike Moscow, which is applying a combination of economic and political pressure on the regional governments, Beijing sees its increased economic influence in the area as a chance to boost ties with the EU.

莫斯科正在向该地区的政府施加经济和政治上的双重压力,但北京和莫斯科不同,是把其在该地区加强了的经济影响力视作促进与欧盟关系的一次机会。   With western Europe struggling with economic stagnation and the Russian economy collapsing, some of the eastern European countries have been looking to China for commercial deals.

由于西欧国家正在遭遇经济停滞、俄罗斯经济又处于崩溃状态,一些东欧国家已经在寻求与中国的经济贸易。   In the first 10 months of 2014, bilateral trade between China and central and eastern European countries reached $50 billion, up 10 percent from the same ten months of last year, with the pace of growth accelerating, according to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

根据中国商务部所说,在2014年的前10个月里,中国与中东欧国家的双边贸易额达到了500亿美元,发展的速度不断加快,同比增长了10%。   A number of Chinese banks have set up branches in the region and the first $500 million phase of the China-Central and Eastern European Cooperation Fund — totaling $10 billion in offered loans — has been deployed successfully, it said.



★The Chinese will establish a corridor that will allow parts made in China be assembled in east Europe. Assembly is low-wage stuff, but specialty parts are where the money is at. This is how Japan did it. China knows EE is desperate for investment, and land will be cheap for Europe, the promised land for most Chinese. This si also for Europe in that EE will get some badly needed investment, jobs, and unlike in the US there won't be millions of Chinese streaming across the border or stashed in 16-wheelers. 


★Half of the people in Hong Kong live in attractive public housing. They don't know how good they have it. 

在香港,有一半的人住在吸引人的公屋里,他们不知道能有公屋是多好的事。 (译注:香港公屋,类似大陆的廉租房,是政府为低收入居民提供的住宅,由政府出资兴建和拥有业权,以廉价租金出租给居民)

★USA is busy at war in all fronts, this open the doors for Chinese. Soon there is no place for US to hang its hat (a Mafia term) 


★China is acting educated and in great statesman-like form. They are stepping up to the role which needs to be filled by someone(LOL - USA?).

Instead of creating wars, China is offering investment to infrastructure.

About time someone figured out how to do this without destroying something. 

We can build upon even minor success, much easier than to build upon failure.

Why is it that civilization has not learned - you do not have to tear something down in order to build it again. 

中国表现得很有教养、很像政治家,他们正一步步走上一个需要有谁来填补的角色(哈哈哈——美国吗?) 中国为基础设施投资,而不是制造战争。 早就该有这么一个国家弄明白怎么在不毁掉一些东西的前提下做到这个了。 我们甚至能依靠一些小小的成就来进行建设,这比依赖失败容易多了。 为什么人们还没学会这个道理呢——不必为了重新构建什么就先去把它破除的,


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