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China exonerates teen executed 18 years ago for rape, murder


BEIJING (Reuters) - China on Monday exonerated a teenager executed more than 18 years ago for the rape and murder of a woman, drawing approval from judicial reform advocates who saw his death as a symbol of the miscarriage of justice in capital punishment cases.

路透社北京12月15日电 本周一,中国对18年前被控强奸杀人并被判处死刑的少年重新宣判无罪。司法改革提倡者们本将这名少年的死视作死刑案件审判不公的标志,而重新宣判无罪的消息让他们称赞。

A retrial by an Inner Mongolian court found that Huugjilt, then 18 years old, was wrongly convicted in 1996 of raping and killing a woman in a public restroom. Another man confessed to the murder in 2005, but a retrial was not conducted until this year, the official Xinhua news agency reported. A court official apologized to Huugjilt's sobbing parents, who had been petitioning judicial authorities since 2006 to re-try the case, state media reported.

内蒙古法院的重审发现,当年18岁的呼格吉勒图在1996年是被误判以公厕内的奸杀罪名的。 据新华社官方报道,2005年,另一个人承认自己犯下了那起杀人案,但直到今年重审才进行。 国家媒体报道,法院一名官员向呼格吉勒图啜泣的父母道歉,他们从2006年起就一直向司法机关请愿要求重审案件。

China has embarked on legal reforms, including reducing the use of death penalty, as public discontent mounts over wrongful punishment.


"This shows the spirit behind judicial reform in our country and that the will to pursue justice exists - that's a good thing," said Chen Guangzhong, a top scholar of criminal law at the China University of Political Science and Law. Chen added, however, that there remain significant obstacles to reform of the death penalty and that abolishing capital punishment completely is unlikely at present.

中国政法大学的顶级刑法学者陈光中说:“这表现了我们国家司法改革背后的精神,以及追求公正的意愿——这是件好事。” 陈还补充道,尽管如此,死刑的改革还存在明显的障碍,彻底废除死刑现在还不太可能。

The decision to exonerate Huugjilt was the most talked-about topic on Sina Weibo, China's version of Twitter, with 84,000 comments. Huugjilt's family could not be reached for comment. Many ethnic Mongols in China use only one name.

对呼格吉勒图宣判无罪一度是中国版推特——新浪微博上最热门的话题,有84000条评论。 我们无法得到呼格吉勒图的父母的评论。中国的许多蒙古族人只用一个名字。

While wrongful executions have often stirred public outrage, capital punishment itself has wide support from the Chinese public. China guards the number of people executed annually as a state secret but anti-death penalty campaigners say it uses the death penalty in far greater numbers than other countries.

虽然错误的审判常常激起众怒,死刑本身在中国民众之中具有广泛的支持。 中国对每年被处决的人数作为国家机密来保密,但反对死刑运动的参与者说,中国使用死刑的数量比其他国家多得多。

"Death penalty cases have been subjected to closer scrutiny in recent years, in large part in a response to domestic outcry in cases of individuals who are convicted of serious crimes like murder and rape who are found later to be innocent," said Maya Wang of Human Rights Watch.

人权观察组织的Maya Wang说:“一些人被判定犯下了诸如谋杀和强奸这样的严重罪行,后来又被发现是无辜的,国内对此有强烈抗议。最近几年,死刑案件受到了更仔细的审查,这很大程度上是对抗议的回应。”(译注:人权观察是一个非政府国际组织,总部设在纽约,以调查、促进解决人权问题为主旨。)

The government has tightened rules on evidence to exclude confessions obtained through torture, although torture is still widely used, Wang said. China denies that the practice is widespread and says a torture ban is effectively enforced.

Maya Wang说,虽然严刑拷打仍然被广泛应用,政府已经采用了更严格的取证规则,禁止了在拷问下得到的供词。中国否认了酷刑的广泛存在,并表示酷刑的禁令是被有效执行的。

China said in October it is considering trimming nine crimes from the list of offences punishable by death in a draft amendment to the criminal law. The death penalty applies to 55 offences in China, including fraud and illegal money-lending.

中国在十月份的一份刑法修正草案中表示,国家正在考虑将9项罪行从死刑罪名中撤下。 在中国,55项罪名可被判处死刑,包括欺诈和非法借贷。

IANS/IANS - BEIJING , Dec. 15, 2014 (Xinhua) -- Shang Aiyun, mother of Huugjilt who was executed in a controversial 1996 rape and murder case, cries in Hohhot, capital of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Dec. 15, 2014. An impeccance verdict was given on Monday at the retrial 18 years after Huugjilt was sentenced to death and executed in 1996. Huugjilt, who was 18 at the time, was found guilty of raping and murdering a woman in a public toilet in Hohhot on April 9, 1996. After Huugjilt was sentenced to death and executed in June 1996, another alleged serial rapist and killer, Zhao Zhihong, confessed to the murder after he was arrested in 2005. (Xinhua/Ren Junchuan/IANS)



★Bullet Did they return his stolen organs to the parents?


Jason I'm so happy to see that they overturned and exonerated when does he pop up out of the ground alive and well?


Fry Every country wrongfully arrests people for murder, It's happened in Canada dozens of times just recently, one pathologist who was really really bad at his job cost countless people their freedom for crimes they didn't commit, had murder one still been a capital crime in Canada a great many of them would have been executed, murdered by the government for a crime they didn't commit. It could happen to anyone, these were all law abiding citizens who did nothing wrong. I'm sure it's a great relief to his family that they get a couple months rent paid for after their government murdered their son by mistake. Oops, sorry, my bad, here's a cheque for very little.

每个国家都可能错误地以谋杀罪名逮捕人,这最近在加拿大发生了几十次了。一个在工作上非常非常蹩脚的病理学家导致了无数的人因没有犯过的罪行而失去自由。如果谋杀罪在加拿大还是死罪的话,其中很多很多人都会被处死了,因为他们没犯过的罪被国家杀死。这在任何人身上都可能发生,这些法律被用在了没犯过任何错的市民身上。 这个家庭的儿子被政府错杀了,然后他们得到了几个月的房租钱,我确信这对他们来说是一个巨大的安慰。 哎呀,对不起,是我的错,这里是一张小小的支票。

Nicky I would say it WAS a miscarriage of justice! I feel for this mother... and the 18 year old who had to lose his life in this travesty!


Sqirt2 How terribly sad for the parents! apology too late! $4850 in payment for a miscarriage of justice? What an insult!


Ur "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer" Sir William Blackstone 1765 yah, this man figured this out 249 yrs ago (I also suspected he read the bible where there is a similar this has been knows not for just hundreds of yrs but possibly thousands of yrs!) and perhaps China and other countries start getting the idea...the bottom line is that the court should be very very careful b/c of the power they hold and not use it lightly...but unfortunately people's thirst for revenge seems to be stronger than their thirst for justice. Their need for blood and revenge clouds their judgement logic. As a human race at this time and age we should be able to identify and deal with these "revenge" feelings and replace them with justice and reason.

“宁可让十个罪人逍遥法外,也不让一个无辜的人受罪。”——威廉·布莱克斯通爵士,1765年。 呀,这个人249年前就想通了这一点(我怀疑他是不是读了圣经,那里也提到了类似的……所以这个道理为人所知不只几百年,而可能是几千年了!),可能中国和其他国家才开始有这个想法……底线是,法院应该对他们手中握有的权力非常非常谨慎,不要轻率地使用它……不幸的是,人们对复仇的渴望似乎比他们对公正的渴望更强烈。他们对血和报复的需求遮蔽他们判断的逻辑。 作为在这个时代的人类,我们应该有能力辨认并处理这些“复仇”的感觉,用公正和理由来代替它们。 (译注:威廉·布莱克斯通,英国著名法学家、法官,著有《英国法阐释》)

Bill Little late for an exoneration. The idiots responsible know they can,t be sued and certainly won,t be charged with anything.


Dharmaeye Judicial system involved must be prosecuted and negligence dealt with as a murder charge.


Jaylegger What price can be put on preventing this, all too common, miscarraige of justice.


Witch Unless there is 100% irrefutable proof such as video, combined with eyewitnesses, DNA, confessions only the murderer would know the details to,etc... the Death Penalty should not be used. However, in cases with this evidence concerning first degree and sex murders, it should be used and used swiftly, not after 30 years of costly appeals.


Gogo Banana-O Well, now he can come back to life! All is forgiven, everyone can just pick up where they left off... Oh wait. He's still dead. Perhaps executing those responsible for this travesty would be the right message to send.

好,现在他可以复活了!所有事情都得到原谅,每个人都能从头再来…… 哦等一下,他还是死了。可能处决那些对这起冤案负有责任的人才是应该传出的消息!

Eric Hicks And this is why I think death penalties are a bad idea. Because there is no going back once its over.


Freestyler its better that he might be in heaven, because we are literally living in hell nowadays.


Tily The Court and people who found him guilty and sentenced dim yo death should be Charged with murder , If there was a system in place to hold judges and juries accountable then maybe we would not have had so many wrongful conviction here in Canada also


Anne My condolences to the family. I can not imagine what this must be like for them.


Eric $4800 is a joke. This family lost their son. They should be paid millions


Evelyn China is a Communist dictatorship, they'll do whatever the dictator demands, and think it's good for them because to think otherwise you might be branded a traitor--and you'll be next in line for the death penalty, especially if they can find a Political elite that really needs a liver or kidney transplant.


Michael 4800 dollars is a slap in the face for this family.


Shame This is why Canada abolished capital punishment in 1976. Civilized countries don't kill their citizens - it makes us all murderers!


Jeff D Listen at all the death penalty advocates here, all sad and sorry for him. But cant wait for the next person to be executed. Until another innocent person is executed and then its sadness again. Why don't you people realize that killing is wrong, it don't matter who does it ,capital punishment is still MURDER.



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