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Why Myanmar's plan to acquire fighter jetsfrom China, Pakistan should worry India



There is a pressing need for the new Indian government to engage with Myanmarat the highest levels as Pakistan and China are all set to enlarge theirstrategic footprints in Myanmar by selling fighter aircraft to that country.。

Myanmar government is planning to procure an unspecified number of JF-17Thunder multi-role combat aircraft. JF-17 is the joint project of Pakistan AirForce, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and Chengdu Aerospace Corporation(CAC) of China.


缅甸政府正在计划购买数目不详的Jf-17雷点多用途战斗机。 JF17是巴基斯坦空军,巴基斯坦航空和成都航空公司共同研发的。

While India cannot officially object to the proposed JF-17 deal, the developmentunderlines the need for India getting its act together. India can do so in twoways: overtly and covertly.

Overtly, India can step up engagement with Myanmar at all levels, particularlypolitically and militarily. Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to put thiscrucial contiguous neighbour on the front burner of his near-abroad foreignpolicy outreach and ensure a top level visit within a few weeks.

尽管印度不能正式反对JF17协议,但是印度应该有所行动。印度可能有两种反应:公开或秘密的行动。 很明显,印度可以加强在各个领域与缅甸的接触,特别是政治和军事。莫迪总理需要把这个重要的邻居放在外交访问的最前面并且确保几周之内和缅甸有个顶级会晤。

The Narendra Modi government has made a good beginning on the foreign policyfront by engaging with the neighbours, reflected by Prime Minister Modi makingBhutan the destination of his first bilateral foreign visit earlier this month,followed by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj embarking on her firststand-alone foreign visit to Bangladesh (25-27 June). A top level politicalengagement with Nepal seems to be on the cards next month.

Myanmar, which along with Bangladesh and Bhutan is vital for the Indiannortheastern region, is yet untouched by Modi’s foreign policy outreach towardsits contiguous neighbours, though it is understandable that the Modi governmentis just one month old.



Indian Army chief General Bikram Singh had paid a four-day official visit toMyanmar in November last. At that time there was no talk of Myanmar going toseal the JF-17 deal. This seems to be a relatively recent development The Myanmar government has neitherconfirmed nor denied the news report which said the deal would entail licensedproduction of the aircraft with full technology transfer to Myanmar fromCAC-PAC. However, Naypyidaw has talked about its requirement of beefing up itsair combat power against the backdrop of its continuing conflict with KachinIndependence Army (KIA), an insurgent outfit active in northern parts of thecountry.



Weapons made in China/Pakistan making their way to India’s next door neighbourshould definitely be upsetting for New Delhi. India needs to explore waysurgently to see if it can make a better and more economically viable offer toMyanmar.

Myanmar is of huge strategic significance for India. The two countries share a1,600-km-long land boundary apart from a long maritime boundary in Bay ofBengal and Andaman Sea.



Myanmar has sizable gas reserves and recently it started commercial sale of itsgas to China. India needs to tap Myanmar’s energy market pro-actively.


Last few years have seen the previous UPA government dragging its feet intapping Myanmar’s vast energy potential even after the Myanmar-China gas dealwas operationalised. This perhaps was the only blemish of the UPA government’sMyanmar policy. The lack of political decision by the UPA government in tappingMyanmar’s energy market coincided with the poll-bound Manmohan Singh governmentgetting bogged down in domestic political issues.

Now that India has a stable government and a strong Prime Minister in Modi, theIndian government needs to fast-track its engagement with Myanmar, crucial forthe Indian North East and a strategic gateway for India to reach out to SouthEast Asia.

最近这几年,甚至缅中已经开始天然气交易了,UPA政府还一直在拖。这可能是UPA政府的一个小缺陷。缺少政治决策的UPA政府在处理缅甸能源问题的时候正好赶上辛格政府陷入国内政治问题。 现在的印度有个个稳定的政府并且拥有一位强大的莫迪总理,印度政府需要迅速参与到缅甸当中,这对东北部的印度和对东南亚交往有很重大的意义

China has made forays into the Myanmarese strategic space by taking upambitious infrastructure projects in that country. If Myanmar allows China toset up naval bases, India’s naval dominance in Bay of Bengal would be severelychallenged.


The best way for the Modi government to engage with Myanmar is to speed upcompletion of the existing infrastructural and energy projects with Myanmar andnegotiate new ones.



Kunal• 7 days ago " If Myanmarallows China to set up naval bases, India’s naval dominance in Bay of Bengalwould be severely challenged." - I thought Myanmar already has given anisland near the Andamans to China to setup a naval base ?


Rajesh • 7 days ago What India needsto do is b00t out Indians (similar to this auth0r) who can only talk-talk-talkwith their big m0uths discussing political angles, strategies and conspiraciesbut can't do a single bit of productive value-adding work, because they are lazybms! Then we may come close to the level of Chinese or Koreans or Japanese. Andthen, we wont even have to do anything at all with our strong economy;everybody will come to us. The world respects people who can DO! Not people whocan just sit on their bms and vibrate the air with their mouths.


RajivMukundan • 8 days ago First Indiashould start defense production locally of all equipments with public andprivate companies participation with government subsidy and lot of money to bespend on R&D . All our IIT ians and scientist should be absorbed by thesedefense manufactures with excellent pay package and incentives. Our De fenceR&d should come out of most sophisticated military equipments manufacturedlocally and India should be a major defense equipment suppliers and exporters.We should start making heavy guns and artillery immediately , so that we becomemajor exportrs in arms in 10 years from now


FanboyFanboy • 8 days ago This article isridiculous, Myanmar's entire military hardware is Chines. Be it the F7s orother hardware. Its natural they are upgrading with latest version of Chinesehardware,



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